Friday, 28 June 2013

Letter 9

Dear Clank

I have just had a nice weekend with Gill. I love her house, tucked away in a little hamlet and the view from the conservatory across the garden and fields beyond is fantastic, I will definitely be going back there again. She wasn't very well over the weekend, but she slept and it gave me a bit of time to chill and relax. I left hers at about 11am yesterday as it was her birthday and I thought it would be nice for her to have some time with her family. We went to a marina open day on Saturday, OMG it was so quiet, there was hardly anyone there and no nice boats for sale.

I was looking at Google earth the other day and decided to look at Konnerud. The first place I saw was Poppegardsveien. That was the first place I ever visited you in Norway. What a gorgeous house it was. Until then I had never realised just how big Norwegian houses were. The landing was as large as my whole flat!! The kids were little and you had that lovely big balcony from your bedroom and around the living room. I got into polishing your table with that bees wax polish. We used to take Cinders out walking with us. Remember how she used to go off and forage in the forest and then come out and meow when she couldn't see us? Then you would call her and she would come trotting up the road after us. She has those lovely little grey kittens with the ginger patches. I loved it there. I zoomed in on Google earth and tried to find the house and after a while there it was. It looks so different from how I remember it, much more built up. The forest that was up the road has definitely gone. Happy days.................................

I am leaning towards selling the house more and more. I just do not want the responsibility of owning it anymore. A part of me is holding back, but I have no idea what is happening here at work and I just feel the need to move on and use my money for something else. I think if we are outsourced or made redundant, I will definitely put it on the market and look to go temping. I have learned over the years the more you are shit at your job, the more you are liked for it.

I have been a bit of a social butterfly this week, I was out with Ruth Wednesday and Tina Thursday. Both of those friends I met in Turkey. You know I don't take to people easily, but they have been friends for the last 15 years. I am off out tonight with Linda, who came on the boat with us last time? She has taken retirement and has just lost her step daughter to cancer. We'll go for an Indian I suppose.

Spoke to Mumsey yesterday, she was stressing about social services coming and on the morning of the appointment they cancelled. She had too many appointments apparently. I don't think Paul will be going to Norway any time soon. It is good to have a chat with her and she said that her neighbour Ivy came over and that they spent the afternoon together. I am really happy she has done that.

Anyway, that's it for today. I will write to you soon.
Lots of Love
Me xxx

P.S I have really missed you this week. I am starting to feel the strain now. Love ya

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