Monday, 4 May 2015

Letter 18

Dear Clank
It has been a long time since I wrote you a letter. This doesn't mean I am not thinking about you, because I still do, a lot. A few weeks ago I had the loveliest dream about you and to cut a long story short it was the first dream where I didn't wake up with a start because you were there. You tucked me in and it was so nice and made me feel you were still around looking out for me. Things just lately, have been very stressful and I needed that contact. I am sure you knew that. 

I am off to Turkey in a few days. It's been a while since I did that. 17 years to be exact. I bet things have changed drastically, being 4 stone heavier for one. I think it will be fun watching all those young girls doing the same as me all those years ago and being able to ogle the handsome men knowing I will be safe from their crafty ways. Lol. Been there done that. I am sure I will have some fun winding up the buggers. I need some sun, my vitamin D levels have dropped through my boots and it has made me feel very ill. I have made arrangements to see one of the the people I knew back then, but only one and not M. Apparently he is still a raging alcoholic without teeth now so I am told and a wife older than me. She must have some money and I am glad I wasn't that stupid.

Mumsey is ok. She wrote me a letter the other day which scared me a bit but it was only to tell me she has gone a bit deaf and not to phone as she can't hear anything. 

Old bathbun is still going but now  struggles and I have had to make arrangements for Elizabeth to stay with him.  

Well that is my update. Miss you dear friend. Love ya lots
Me xx
Me xxx