Saturday, 8 June 2013

Letter 2

Dear Clank.
It's Saturday, of all the days I can lay in bed what happens? I am wide awake before my alarm would have gone off and raring to get going. I bought the kids a paddling pool yesterday so I decided I was going to blow it up and fill it with water. OMG, I finally took it from the Argos bag and it was the size of an Olympic pool. Truely you would have pissed yourself laughing. It took all my strength just to pull it out of the box, and when I did it was the length of the back living room. Blow it up? Er I don't think so, I know I can be full of hot air at times,  but there was no way I could have done it. I had gone and bought a family swimming centre. 6ft long, 3 ft wide and 4 foot deep!! Duh. Plan B was a quick hike to Morrisons for a more modest one, I also bought a pump for the large one and put an emergency call out on Facebook. Someone is collecting it on Monday.

I have discovered Spotify. I was playing Angel Face by the Glitterband and telling Kai and Sian about the time we trekked all over the place trying to buy a copy. It was boiling hot and every place we went to said they didn't have it. eventually we went to Keddies and the snotty cow told us it wasn't being released until the following week. God that shop was somethinge else wasn't it? It was always like walking into a jumble sale, no one ever kept the clothes tidy. I don't know where we got it in the end, but it got played continuiously, I know that.

I have the kids staying tonight, we had a barby today, it was supposed to be a hot day, but turned out mediocre. Sian decided she didn't want to go in the pool, she didn't like the flys that kept going in it. Teeny flies invisible to the naked eye. All in all the whole paddling pool thing turned into a bit of a wash out, although I did manage to clear an area of the garden that has been looking like a tip forever! I have left a wild bit up the top, the bees like the green Alkanet and we need the bees.

Well, this is a short but sweet one today, the bedroom is looking like a Chinese laundry and the kids have got to get into the bed somehow. LOL.

I will write again soon.
Lots of love
Me xx

P.S I just thought about the humanist guy who conducted your funeral, he said you were a great cook and I thought about the time you were making cottage pie and had to use instant mash because you had run out of potatoes. You made it too runny and slopped it on my plate where I slopped it straight into the bin. I did smile, you didn't come up to scratch that day. Hahahahahahaha

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