Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Letter 7

Dear Clank
So what has been happening in this part of blighty? I had a hospital appointment yesterday, when I got my eyes tested the optician found some inflamation in the back of my eye and the pressure was high. So off I went to Moorfields in Mile End hospital. They gave it a thorough check, the pressure is fine (It usually is, those puffer tests are very inaccurate) but they found that the inflamation was due to toxoplasmosis. Apparently my Mum got infected during pregnancy, I have read up about it and it must have been late pregnancy. The scarring was at the side of my eye, so I was lucky as usually it scars the retina and leads to blindness, also it can cause brain damage in a foetus. Bathbun did say  I have brain damage. Er thanks for that Dad. anyway the infection is dormant and he thinks it's highly unlikely to reactivate so it is all o.k. The weird thing is, is that all the operations I have  had on my eyes as a kid and an adult, all the eye exams I have had since wearing glasses and it has taken 53 years before anyone discovered it!

I got talking to this woman on the 'I'm from E15' group she is married to Mick, it turns out I worked with her at my first job in Midland Bank. She doesn't remember me as she said she had a breakdown and doesn't remember many peoples names and to be honest I didn't work there for very long. I left there to go to Watts Fincham. I thought: I must tell Sharon, and then realised I couldn't. I hate those moments.............
I have booked a narrowboat holiday for us (The kids and myself) for autumn term 2014!! Chris has finally agreed to go back on a boat and if she is still not well, it won't really matter as she can sit quietly with me while the kids help P with the locks and stuff. I am really excited about taking them on a boat, I hope they love it as much as I do, they will have to get used to it, because, one day I will have one of my own. It will mean going along the Trent and Mersey again, but there are 3 routes I can take off of there for a bit of variety.

I am off to Gills on Saturday for her birthday, I think it will just be us and Alex. I am looking forward to some nice quite time in a nice quiet place where I can chill out for a little bit and either think thing through thoroughly or just blob. I am so tired these days. Putting on the beef hasn't helped. What am I like? But I love eating. I suppose I should get out of that habit of taking it off and putting it on, but after my weekend.

I haven't heard from Jo and Billy. I was having a 'moment' after you died and started telling Billy about the time we went over to Wanstead flats fair. As usual it rained and rained and it was a bloody mud bath and you got your foot stuck in the mud and after finally yanking it out, it came minus your shoe. So off came the other shoe and there was you squelching about with your shoes in your hand in just your tights!! People were staring at you, but we all thought it was hilarious!! Then you came to this big puddle and because you were making everyone laugh you pretended you felt hot and that you were going to sit in the puddle. You almost did too, but you were only teasing. Those days we had no worries. Sometimes I wish I could go back there. There is a great sadness when I think how care free we were then compared to now and how life just whizzes by. It feels weird that young people look at me and think 'Granny' just like we used to. LOL. 40 was ancient and now I wish I were only 40!!

I don't know what to do about the house. I am getting fed up with the responsibility. I keep saying I will wait until this or that but everytime the agent calls my heart comes up in my mouth and I think :Oh no, what now. I am never going to live in it again so I may as well get rid of it, then I think about the tenants but I don't owe them anything. I may have to pay the council tax as I don't want to end up paying loads of tax on it. I have to make a decision soon or the window of opportunity may go.

Anyway bored you enough I suppose. I will speak to you soon.
All my Love
Me xxx

P,S Nothing P.S worthy today......... Sorry

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