Friday, 14 June 2013

Letter 5

Dear Clank
I decided to change the blog a bit yesterday, a nice rich red colour, one of your favorites. I hope you like it, I prefer this to the other template, it has character, a lot like you. :-)

I am very stressed today, one of the staff in here whines like a baby. Over the last few days she has been whining about the UPS making a noise. Quite honestly it is no louder than the last one, but she has been under the cosh at home so it manifests as whinging at her colleagues. I couldn't stand it anymore this morning, so found Elbow on Youtube and am playing that with the door closed. I have decided the fucking UPS is coming in my office and then once it has, I am going to go to her desk every morning and whine in her ear until her eyes bleed! :-)

Lise can't find the necklace she got you from Tiddy. I feel sad for her as I am sure you would have taken very good care of that. As the house is cleared out now I am hoping she will come across it in your belongings that have been kept. Mumsey said LM isn't well, she has a cold or something, poor thing had to go back to work this week the last thing she needs is sick time on top of the other time she has had to take off. I bet Tesco were less than generous with pay and time off, she was in pain with a wisdom tooth on the week of your funeral too. She is going through the wars. I hope she can have a bit of chill out time soon as I think she is going to need it. I am sure Jo, Billy and Mumsey will keep an eye out for her and her boyfriend seems nice. A quiet lad who looks a bit like Daniel Radcliffe!! . Lise is going back to Norway on Friday. That will make all this final and I may have to examine closely that box in my head.

I am going out with Ginge tonight, haven't caught up with her since I went to her house in Christchurch, she is the one person I can have a blast with and make me break my usual no drinking preference! I just love getting pissed with her, she is so hilarious. She was the Yorkshire lass at my Mums funeral. She is very down to earth, not your usual new money type. She once asked me to look out for a stopper for a hot water bottle, later that evening her partner was telling me that he considered themselves quite affluent and didn't have the money contraints most mere mortals have. My response was: Really how come Ginge wants me to find a new hot water bottle stopper instead of just buying a new hot water bottle? We pissed ourselves laughing at that one, material things don't do it for me, but Gary was only joking anyway. Ginge wasn't!! LOL

Well that's me done for today. I will write soon.
Lots of Love
Me xx

P.S UPS= Uninterupped Power Supply in case you were curious. :-)

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