Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Letter 4

Dear Clank
I remember our first boating holiday. Beautiful day U2 always conjours it up when I hear it. It was a fantastic week, even though it was the end of October, you brought the sun out and with you steering and me locking, we had a gentle meandre along the Shropshire Union to Chester where we met Andy for the day (And broke Rawhides heart). I have to laugh about the 2 British Waterways guys who were too frightened to offer me a hand at the lock in case we were aggesive lesbians. LOL. Silly buggers. I had a weird experience at one of the locks one morning, where I was positive someone was standing close to me. I checked that it wasn't the hood on my jacket and then quietly said : I know you are there, but you are crowding me and then I felt this rush of excitement as if someone was really happy I knew they were there. I have no idea what happened, as I don't consider myself in anyway psychic, but it was reminiscent of the time as teenagers I felt someone walking behind me and as a joke you stepped behind me and someone/thing shoved you out of the way. I remembered that when we got to Chester, you had a sudden pain in your lower back that laid you flat for an hour and were unable to come food shopping with me, that I think was the start of your illness, but it was at least 6 months after that, that it became life threatening. We both loved that holiday, it was the first one we had taken together since you lived in Norway. You had to go off for the Thursday night for a court appearance the following day, but you did come back to help me get the boat back to the marina. The next boating holiday you came on you were quite ill with a line infection and didn't realise, you didn't enjoy that one at all and neither did we. The boat was well horrible and unloved by then.

I was in a meeting this morning, the benefit of that means the rest of the day goes quickly, which makes me happy. I would like to say it was an interesting meeting, but although it gave me some pointers, the rest was psychobabble. There seems to be a process for everything these days and it would seem talking to people is one, what happened to good old fashioned: Oye you, that was a shite job?!!! Hahahahahaha.

Phoned Mumsey this afternoon, we had a good old chin wag and a laugh, although I know that it is on the surface with her at the moment, she is trying to stop herself from sinking and it must be hard. I have lost a brilliant long time friend and she has lost a child. Anyone who hasn't, couldn't possibly know how that feels. She told me the whole house has been cleared now and that she doesn't want to go and see it. Lise is cleaning up the floors today. I take my hat off to Lise, I couldn't go in that house and see it like that, empty and cold. Lise is going back to Norway on Friday, she misses Tiddy. I hope she will be alright once she is home, but Svend will be there for her.

Bloody flaming June is turning into a wash out. We were promised such a wonderful weekend and now the weather is overcast and quite windy. I need to get over to Epping on Sunday to pick up some more veg growning soil. My potatoes have sprouted right out of the top of the bags now, I need to soil them up so I can get more of a crop.

I am meeting my friend Paul for breakfast on Saturday, strangely, he comes from Shavington, he does the same job as me at UEL. He is so camp, you would love him, he really jollies me up when we meet for breakfast. He just loves going shopping, and he is awful as he is always encouraging me to buy more shoes. 'Oh look' he goes ' there is office, shall we go and look at the shoes?' A man after my own heart. LOL

Anyway girlie, time to get a move on and do a bit more around here. Write soon.
All my love
Me xxx

P.S I do love a good P.S don't you? Sadly there is no extra gossip in this one.

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